Respiratory Therapist Salary and Career Information

It is a good idea to look into a career in the healthcare industry, even more so if you believe you’ll enjoy it. In this job, you will not only feel content with being able to aid others but you will enjoy a decent compensation as well. Each position in the medical field is vital along with a respiratory therapist career. This job is growing popularity each day and many are pleased with the decent salary that can be potentially earned. With proper training, education, and experience, you won’t have difficulty finding a good job that pays well. Learn more about this career along with the respiratory therapist salary that you can earn.

Respiratory therapists are in charge of treating patients who experience breathing difficulties as well as related disorders. While performing these duties, they must work alongside doctors to develop the right solution for every patient. Other duties include diagnostic procedures, therapeutic treatment, and also supervision of respiratory therapy assistants.

In addition to these responsibilities respiratory therapists must attend to patients on life support. If need be, it is their job to make life decisions in such cases. This position requires great skill and knowledge, which is why therapists get paid well. Of course there are also other factors that are considered with compensation.

There are many reasons as to why respiratory careers are quickly rising. With the population of old people increasing, so is the need for respiratory therapists who can help them with breathing difficulties. Also, the advancement of technology has opened the doors for treatment of more respiratory disorders. Those who enjoy making a difference in lives of others will definitely find satisfaction in a career such as this.

Many are quite happy with the respiratory therapy assistant salary offered by this job. Most therapists earn an average of $52,000 every year. The lowest salary earned is $38,000, while the highest is $70,000. You have the chance to earn a good amount depending on your qualification and experience. As the years pass, your salary will increase as well. Regardless, you will be able to live a pretty decent life with this kind of salary.

To get paid well, you must complete all the requirements necessary. It is a must that you undergo training and obtain the qualifications you need. The minimum required level of education is a 2-year associate’s degree. However you can also decide to take up a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Certification is the minimum requirement but if you want to get paid handsomely then you should consider becoming a registered respiratory therapist.

There are a lot of benefits you can receive from entering a career as a respiratory therapist. It definitely is a good thing to know that you will be constantly saving lives. In addition you will receive a generous salary for all your hard work. By assisting babies, young children, and old individuals, you will have a chance to meet various people on a daily basis. You will also get to make a decision on what particular medical setting you would like to work in.